Support Duk Op - give a donation for stickers and posters [73%]

[-------------------------||73%||---------] GOAL!

Duk Op is growing and we're out of promo material. Because of that we need money to make posters and stickers. Its up to you how much you feel like donating:

Link to the fundraiser at Open Collective


The money is to break big tech algorithms by being visible. We want to be visible where its always at: the street!

What has been online since 2015 and is a activist run online calender platform. With Duk Op its possible to find each other and form alliances, without the censorship and platform capitalism form Big-Tech. After the collaps, censorship and pay-for-views models from several of the big platforms, Duk Op is more relevant than ever. Duk Op is what we collectively make it, and the more we use Duk Op, the more useful the platform will become. Thats why its important to get all good comrades along.


We aim at printing 4000 stickers and 1500 poster to spread in all of the circles of Duk Op; from Malmö, Odense and Århus. Out goal is to have funding to print at the cooperative Eks-skolen print, instead of some online- profitbased print company. The goal is to reach 1200 euroes. We are right now(21.7.24) 69 % there!