Join us on Mastodon 🦣🌈

Do you want to help make our movement independent of commercial centralized social media, free ourselves from Musk, Zuckerberg and the other idiots who favour the right wing in their algorithms, ban our comrades and steal our data?

Use Duk Op for your events and join us to day at the left wing's new mastodon instance:

Who are we? We are progressive, extra-parliamentary leftists fighting for a different and better world. We seek to create a social media platform for the radical left independent of the mainstream centralized and intensively surveilled platforms. A digital space where we can share knowledge and ideas, spread propaganda, connect with each other, and reach new people on our own terms while being in control of our own data.

The group consists of activists from BumZen, Duk Op, Queer Squad, Folkets Hus, Ungdomshuset, Bookcaféen Halmtorvet.

About Mastodon and our instance: Mastodon is a free and open alternative to commercial social media. Our vision is a space, where we can talk to each other outside of corporate control, censorship, and analysis. Especially with Twitter now taken over by a narcissistic billionaire who is shaping it into a playground for the far right and deleting our political allies user accounts, the need for communal spaces online has become more urgent and obvious. You can think of our project as a localized DIY Twitter/Facebook, run by us instead of by Elon Musk or Zuckerberg.

Mastodon does not have ads or an algorithm. Instead, you are only shown content for people you follow, in chronological order. You can post audio, video and picture posts, accessibility descriptions, polls, content warnings, animated avatars, custom emojis, and more. This should make it so that your feed is exactly how you want it, without anyone showing you unwanted posts.

If you wanna know even more, read the about page:

Guides: Mastodon is a little different and requires for many that you spend some time getting to know how it works. Here are some suggestions for guides that might be good to check out.