Saturday June 29 at 21:00 - 00:03


This month we are looking very much forward to having Rob Vibration joining our session!
Rob was a part of the Nations Vibration sound system running from around 1994 to the mid-2000s in the UK, specially the London and Brighton area, playing in the heyday of the now classical UK dub era.
On the 29. of june he's bringing his bag of wonders with him to Copenhagen to join Most High Warriors & Doktor Lond for a full night of roots'n'culture on the Candy Factory Sound System.
Entrance 50 kr. - 30 kr. before 22.00
2/3 of all profit is donated to https://careforothers.dk/ - rest is maintenance.
PLEASE note: We probably do NOT sell alcoholic beverages to this session! We'll keep you updated here on the event 🙂
BEMÆRK: Vi sælger formentlig IKKE alkohol til denne session!
Vi skal nok opdatere eventen, hvis der er nyt 🙂
COME EARLY - both to catch the vibes & to make shure you get in!
Please note: This session is a 18+ only, so please remember to bring a valid ID to show in the door!
Bring CASH - we don't deal with plastic or mobile phones.
And bring a padlock for the wardrobe 🙂
As always: This is music for the upliftment of our hearts & souls - all tribes welcome! We don't accept any kind of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, hard drugs and other kinds of bad behaviour 🙏


Ragnhildgade 1 bygning 3
2100 København N.