Workshop: Movement Strategies for Climate and Socioecological Justice
Saturday April 13 at 14:00 - 16:30

Workshop: Movement Strategies for Climate and Socioecological Justice

by bue

A workshop with Salvatore Paolo De Rosa, Bue Rübner Hansen and Manuela Zechner

Today’s growing and compounding social and ecological crises tell us only radical and system-wide transformations can advert catastrophic trajectories and make space for more just futures. While political imagination is more alive than ever before – generating plenty visions of alternative worlds, radical futures and emancipatory designs of desired worlds-to-come – these configurations confront a stubborn status quo in which the elites are committed to deliver climate breakdown for the majority rather than social and climate justice for all. There is a need for actionable strategies to advance radical transformations and political projects, yet few of the visions of fairer futures are clear enough on how to confront the structures that currently repress any form of dissent and prevent alternative futures to emerge in the first place. In other words, the HOW of transformation is, and will increasingly be, one of the most pressing question. This means is necessary to open a focused conversation on bottom-up strategies and tactics for climate and socioecological justice, from land based struggles to urban climate blockades, grounded in the teachings of past struggles and engaging the terrains opened by the climate and ecological crises. In this workshop, Bue Ruebner Hansen and Manuela Zechner facilitate a mapping session for strategies of organizing in a crisis of socio-ecological reproduction, based on this text, and Salvatore Paolo De Rosa will coordinate a discussion on strategies and tactics of convergence between movements.

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