Talk body to me – how would you move if you had everything you need?
Friday May 31 at 15:00 - 16:30

Talk body to me – how would you move if you had everything you need?

by Warehouse9

Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin is an italian artist of Armenian descent practicing in the fields of dance and performance. Over the past 7 years they have been facilitating Pleasure Body, a space for theoretic/perceptive/somatic research and discovery around pleasure.

Talk body to me is the opening, in the form of a conversation, of the research around Pleasure Body, starting from some of its key questions:

what are the ways in which the body assimilates/internalizes sistemic oppression?
how, subsequently, do these structures become ways of being in the body? and in relationships? and in community?
from this standpoint, what do we mean when we talk about care?
what have we internalized? and how do we free ourselves from what we have internalized non-consensually?
how would are lives, societies, worlds be if they were based on pleasure instead of profit?

During the talk we will traverse these and other questions trying to approach the discussion from a somatic perception.


Language: English.
Warehouse9’s workspace has level free entrance to the space and an accessible toilet that can be accessed via a stairlift.
All events at Warehouse9 are considered “relaxed”.

Duration: approx 90 minutes.


Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin is an Italian artist of Armenian descent working in the contexts of dance and live performance.

Trained in dance, their work exists in the shape of movement video text choreography sound gatherings and deals with the relationship between dancing, divination and writing; with geography and the opposite of belonging; with a fetish for language, its politics and its many frictions.


Rosenlunds Allé 5, Baghuset
2720 København