Saturday April 27 at 23:00
to April 28, 2024 at 08:00


by Bedside Productions

🌴☀️🐬Bedside is hereby inviting you to welcome the summer season with a blast of a NASTY BEACH PARTY!🏖👙🍹

OBS; this event has a dresscode….. see further down

💦🔫SPLASHES may occur - ☀️the weather forecast states high sun with chances of getting wet🌊🐬

🐚Let’s get the juices flowing!!
🏝We gonna party till sunrise🌅

🎵For this little vaycay, we have created a lineup of local artists, who will be in charge of keeping the beat pumping throughout the whole fiesta🎶

¸♪·¯·♫¸¸ LINE UP ¸¸♫·¯·♪¸¸

💖IDA AYA☀️she/her
🌸ALEKS BLC🩴 they/them
🍀LUCKY LUBE💦he/him

……And Bedsides own residents:
🦩SCHACKE 💨he/they

💙As is our style, this will be a k1nk-focused party where seggs and play, all genders and all seggsualities are welcome, so if you're not sure if you can relax and be inclusive in such a space, then this is not the party for you. We want you to be mindful of the place you're taking and perhaps taking from someone else. 💗

💝Upon our experiment with facilitating a FLINTA playroom at our last The Pu$$y Party, we will repeat the success with a smaller designated FLINTA room once again ⚢♀⚧

😍Wanna meet a new lover or just a date for the night?🌈
Try our brand new HOOK ME UP - bracelet system!! Stay tuned on this event and on @bedsideproductions instagram for more info👀

⏰We open the doors at Den Anden Side from 23:00, where you can arrive steadily to some lounge vibes, before the real party starts at midnight🕛

👙🩲🤿🩱🩴The mandatory Dresscode preaches:
Swimsuit, sunscreen, bikini, floaties🍩, life-guard uniform, beach-trunks, cork belts, Hawaii shirts, Baywatch-vibes, sun hats and sunglasses, swim googles, beach bods in all sizes and shapes and lots of sweaty SKIN SKIN SKIN
Kink wear also welcome!


📸PHOTOBOOTH🏝 w. photographer @andersdalhoej.jpg
🍹Special Bedside cock/mock-tail⛱
🛋Lounge Vibes🧘‍♀️
👀HOOK ME UP-bracelet system😍
🔐Wardrobe lockers, for easy all night access 👍

🛠We will make sure that c0nd0ms, dental dams, lube, gloves etc. are available by the play areas.
There will be an awareness crew, and they + all Bedside hosts will be visibly marked, so you know who to contact if you experience anything that you need help with💞

!!We also ask you to please avoid appropriating cultures that are not your own in your outfits!!

💌If you have any inquiries or questions before attending our party, please reach out to the Bedside Party Crew on our mail - 💻

Unfortunately the venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Graphics by our beloved Anne Kat💟

180 DKK / 80 DKK after 06:00
Age: 21+
Wardrobe: Lockers are free to use with a lock. Bring your own or purchase one for 35 DKK at the entrance.
Find our full policy at
We expect everyone who enters Den Anden Side to be familiar with the night event and our policy. We reserve the right to deny anyone entrance without explanation, and we prioritise queers and other minorised people. When we are close to full capacity, we always prioritise our regulars.
We acknowledge that for some, the selection in the door can be stressful, and for some the entrance price can be a big expense. It is always possible to reach out to us at in advance of an event if the door or entrance situation is in any way an issue for you. Please include your name(s) and a few words about your situation, and we will try to accommodate your needs in the best way possible.
- Feel the room and consider how you influence it.
- Don't assume gender or pronouns.
- No discriminatory language or actions of any kind.
-‍ Take the time to listen and learn and be aware of your privileges
- No pictures or videos of any kind inside the club.‍
- Dancefloor is for dancing; Don’t have loud conversations or use your phones.
- Ask for consent and respect each other’s boundaries.
- Don’t stare at or approach other guests non-consensually.
- Take care of yourself and each other, and consume responsibly.
- The darkroom is for intimate and consensual play only.
We care about our guests' safety and their ability to express themselves free from judgment or unwanted attention. Please be aware of the space and event you are entering, the space you are taking up, and how your presence will influence the vibe and the other guests. All we ask is that you respect your fellow dancer and contribute to the party!
Our awareness team is present at the club every weekend. You can recognise them by their bright green shirts that say “AWARENESS”. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you feel uncomfortable for any reason. If you are unable to locate the awareness team, the other staff can call them for you.
Protect your ears. Earplugs can be bought in the bar.
First aid supplies can be found in the bar or by contacting our awareness team.
Be aware that we use flashing lights and loud sound, and that it can get hot and crowded inside the club. Unfortunately, the space is not accessible with a wheelchair. If you have any concerns or questions about the venue, the facilities or have a special need that you would like to discuss with us. Please reach out before an event at to get in contact with our management.
For general feedback about the club, you can reach us at If you are in touch about an awareness incident, please contact the management at
We strive to always get back to you within 14 days, and if needed, go then go into further dialogue with the involved parties about how we can solve the issue or contribute with help or actions in other ways.


Den Anden Side
Axeltorv 5
1609 København