Kambi Kolam Drawing Workshop with Anu Kambi Kolam Drawing Workshop with Anu Kambi Kolam Drawing Workshop with Anu
Monday June 10 at 19:00

Kambi Kolam Drawing Workshop with Anu

Talks-in-progress is a recurring presentation series at lodis, where people get twenty minutes to present a topic of their choice. This week: a presentation and group workshop about the Kolam tradition.

Kolam is a heritage folk art from Tamil Nadu in Southern India. These are hand-drawn geometric patterns made on a grid of dots (pulli) and are passed down through generations of Tamil women.

In this workshop, Anu Reddy will introduce us to an algorithmic method for drawing Kolam, following templates generated live for us by a hacked receipt printer.

No prior knowledge is needed, but feel free to bring a pencil and eraser if you like; otherwise, we’ll have some for you to borrow.

If you are curious about the topic, you can read this text: https://alpaca.pubpub.org/pub/xywz3ebv

Price: free / donation to the space

Time plan:

19:00: Doors Open
19:30: Presentation Starts
19:50: Discussion until we tire of it (22:00 latest, when the general Monday Hangout ends)

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