Women in Film #6 Disidentifications: NOVEMBER + GIRL BOSS GUERILLA
Tuesday Dec. 13 at 18:45

Women in Film #6 Disidentifications: NOVEMBER + GIRL BOSS GUERILLA

by CrisisMirror

Crisis Mirror has seized the opportunity to transform the ground floor of Folkets Hus in an open cinema room. Every other Tuesday evening we will dive into the bottomless archives of world cinema and bring a new movie to the surface. All the films will concern women to differing degrees: we will take on a trans-historical, trans-national, trans-cultural and sometimes just transgender look at how cinema shapes women, and how women have shaped cinema.

Come by at 18.30 to grab a seat and a beverage, provided by our wonderful bartenders. We press play at 19.00.

The event will be reoccurring (every second Tuesday on even weeks) and the movies of interest will be announced shortly. All movies will be screened with english subtitles.

---------------Film description---------------

November (Germany, 2004, 25’)
Directed by Hito Steyerl
Video art, political documentary, martial arts

This film is about a memory of the director, Hito Steyerl. It’s about a German woman named Andrea Wolf, with whom Steyerl used to be friends when they were younger. This film is about another film, a martial arts feminist film that Andrea and Hito shot together as young women.

This film is also about the struggle for liberation in Kurdistan, which Andrea had joined, before she was killed in combat in 1998. This film is about the role played by Western democracies in furthering the Kurds’ oppression. Eventually, this film is about images: images of women and images of far away struggles, images that reflect our world, that shape our world, and that mystify it.

If October was the month of the courageous Russian revolution, this film is about November, a time of introspection, where most hope seems to be lost.

The screening of November will be followed by

Girl Boss Guerilla (Sukeban gerira, Japan, 1972, 84’)
Directed by Noribumi Suzuki
Action, sex comedy, bikers, exploitation, chick power, yakuza

"Sukeban" is a Japanese term used to designate rebellious and delinquent girls, as well as the subculture that emerged in the 70s around such groups.

The girl biker gang of the Red Helmet ends up in Kyoto, where they clash with other sukeban gangs, as well as with the yakuza, over control of the city.

Slap fights, codes of honour, tattooed nipples, nuns, and plenty, plenty of good sex… This film goes all in.


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