Tens Club: DJ’ing
Sunday Nov. 27 at 20:00 - 23:59

Tens Club: DJ’ing

by Warehouse9

Warehouse9 presents Tens Club: our ballroom community events facilitated by Beck Heiberg, father of Kiki House of Mercury. Unlike regular balls, this workshop and community event for people within the ballroom scene focuses on working with the crafts of the field.

In this third edition of Tens Club, we explore the craft of DJ’ing in the ballroom scene.

Before this event, on the 26th of November, 10 participants will learn everything they need to know about the art of DJ’ing during an intensive workshop with Seven Angels Garçon.
During the workshop, they will perfect their skills and prepare a work sharing of everything they have learned at Tens Club. On Sunday the 27th, the participants will show off their DJ abilities live for the runway!
The participants of the workshop will learn to perfect their DJ’ing skills to accompany several categories, and we will therefore open up the runway for a few more categories than usual. No house affiliation and no category theme. Just come as you are!

- Baby Vogue OTA
- Performance OTA
- Realness MF vs FF
- Sex Siren OTA
- Body OTA
- Runway OTA
- Face OTA
- Best Dressed Spectator OTA
- Arms vs Hands OTA
OTA = Open To All
MF = Male Figure
FF = Female Figure

This community event is rooted in the want for sharing the ballroom experience within the community, and at the ball on November 26th, you will experience groovy ballroom tunes, amazing runway, and good vibes.

20.00-21.00: Warm-up and welcome
21.00-23:59: Participants’ DJ sets and categories

The main entrance to the venue has three steps. The venue can be accessed step-free from the back entrance (Lygtens Plads) on request. Please either email us in advance (tickets@warehouse9.dk) or talk to our Front of House staff on location. The ground surrounding the venue is cobblestone. All toilets are gender-neutral and one is certified accessible to wheelchair users.
Lygten Station is registered at Access Denmark

As always, Warehouse9 strives toward securing safer spaces for our community, and this workshop will fold out in secure surroundings. However, since the ballroom scene is more flashy and extravagant, we note that large body movements and crass language might be present. We also note, that during the performance it is considered normal to take pictures of the performers, and photography will therefore occur.


Lygten Station
Lygten 2
2400 København