Strafbar præsenterer Octopulpe Strafbar præsenterer Octopulpe
Wednesday Sept. 28 at 20:00 - 23:00

Strafbar præsenterer Octopulpe

Med rødder i Sydkorea og Frankrig og mere end 500 shows på bagen verden over rammer Octopulpe nu sydfyn. Oplev et interaktivt one-person hardcore punkshow uden sidestykke!!

"Born in a fish tank in Seoul in 2014, Octopoulpe is a half-naked creature playing tentacular music, from Math-rock to hardcore-punk. Thanks to his many tentacles, he can play drums and control other instruments, lights and video-projections at the same time, allowing him to play with his digital self, as well as with many other guests."

Entré: 40 kr.

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