Thursday Feb. 15 at 14:00 - 16:00

STOP the deportations of Palestinians in Iceland!

by Frælsisfylking Anarkistanna

The Icelandic state has refused to bring families out of Gaza. Families that are eligible or already approved for family reunions. These refusals have been accompanied by continuous lies that no other nordic country has brought families out of Gaza. Such blatant lies and racist indifference to Palestinian lives have resulted in the deaths of multiple individuals who should already have been reunited with their families in Iceland.
And now the Icelandic government is going forward with armed arrests and deportation plans of Palestinians, including Palestinians who have been vocal and active in defending their rights in Iceland.

Join us outside the Icelandic Embassy and let your voice be heard!
Strandgade 89
DK-1401 København K

We want to amplify the voice and demands of the Palestinians in Iceland who have camped outside the Icelandic Parliament for over 40 days now. December 27th a group of Palestinians set up their tents in Austurvelli right across the Icelandic Alting. The so called Solidarity Tent - Samstöðutjaldið was set up with these three demands:

1) Immediate followthrough on family reunifications!
2) Residential permits for all Palestinians currently in Iceland!
3) Meetings with ministers on the aforementioned issues!

Political pressure and threats from police and xenophobic individuals have resulted in the camp losing its tent permit. However this has not stopped them from staying put, with snow structures as their only defence from the elements of the Icelandic winter.

Frælsisfylking Anarkistanna invites all comrades new as old to participate, join, spread the word and help us amplify the Palestinian voices in Iceland.

We stand with the Solidarity Tent!
No Deportations! No Borders! No Nations!

In solidarity.


Icelandic Embassy
Strandgade 89
1401 Copenhagen