Sound meeting with Bass Matters Sound System
Saturday March 25 at 21:00
to March 26, 2023 at 03:00

Sound meeting with Bass Matters Sound System

by dubfabrikken

Bass Matters Sound System has a looooong history. Originating from Croatia, but for some years it has been based in Copenhagen. And this session will be the first with the new and expanded sound: 4 scoops heaviness for your listening pleasure & spiritual upliftment!
All night playing in unity with Most High Warriors playing on the Candy Factory Sound System.


Relatives through family, relatives inna session, Brko & Dino are a pair for a more than ten years in different combinations, from organising sessions to performing together. After the fallout with their ex project Zenicafaria Soundsystem, they decided to move on forward and perform together, because the one thing that connected them from the start was love, and only love for reggae/dub & soundsystem culture! Man like Belly Full carefully selects the music which holds the message against division in society, babylonian brutality & outright fascism. Pon di mike follows none other than Busy Baldhead, with his immortal technique of chanting & socially conscious lyrics as well as a strong Rastafari messages! They spread their energy on the control towers of Balkan big small dub family and various sessions & festivals all over the region and europe! They always fly with Yaran Air.


- part of Low Frequency crew, responsible for some of the best dub shennanigans all over Croatia…

Strictly roots'n'culture as always ❤️💛💚

Entrance 40 kr. - 20 kr. before 22.00
COME EARLY - also to make shure you get in!

Bring CASH - we don't deal with plastic or mobile phones.
And bring a padlock for the wardrobe :-)

As always: This is music for the upliftment of our hearts & souls - all tribes welcome! We don't accept any kind of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, hard drugs and other kinds of bad behaviour


Ragnhildgade 1 bygning 3
2100 København N.