SHUT DOWN TERMA - The People vs. the War Machine
Saturday March 9 at 09:00
to March 12, 2024 at 21:00

SHUT DOWN TERMA - The People vs. the War Machine

by Klimafælden

Across the world, weapon companies are making fortunes by the murdering of innocents, in Palestine and elsewhere. Through lobbying and shady deals they fuel the continuation of war, genocide and colonialism. They use these atrocities to market their products, and consciously escalate conflicts to expand their market. Denmark, as part of the imperialist core, participates in this trade, and Danish weapon companies are active perpetrators. One of the central actors in Denmark is the company Terma.

In march, we will gather in Aarhus to understand and resist this system. We will gather climate activists, anti-war protesters, people from the Palestinian liberation movement and anyone who’s angry about the war industry to learn about weapon companies in Denmark and abroad, discuss strategy in how we can resist war and genocide, hear about the experiences from previous generations of anti-war activists, and talk about how the genocide in Palestine relates to colonialism and climate justice. We will also through different methods show our discontent and protest against the war crimes of Terma.

When: 9th to 12th of March.
Where: Aarhus, precise locations will be communicated later.

Food will be provided during the days, and we will find places to sleep for those who need it. There will be a bus from Copenhagen Saturday morning and going back Tuesday afternoon.

We don't accept any form of hateful or discriminatory behavior (racism, sexism, homophopia, etc.) and will meet this with expulsion.

More precise information will come as the time comes closer. To make sure to stay in the loop, keep an eye on the event on, sign up on the email list or follow @klimafaelden on instagram.

Sign up here:

If you want to make sure to have accommodation then make sure to sign up before the first of March!


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