Post-Capitalist Utopias Workshop
Sunday March 3 at 15:00 - 19:00

Post-Capitalist Utopias Workshop

by Imagination Team

What is capitalism? What are its multiple dimensions? How do we imagine a postcapitalist future?

Capitalism is a complex system that rules the economy, politics, our relationship with nature and our social life. How does capitalism impact us in our daily life? How does capitalism shape the way we think? Are our pleasures, our well-being and our freedom very often at the expense of a few minorities?

These will be some of the questions we will try to answer together to create a common ground and enable us to activate our imagination. We will lead you through a dreaming journey for envisioning post-capitalist futures that prioritise well-being for all, humans and non humans.

Folkets Hus offers a space to get inspired, spark people's imagination, get activated, create utopias and counter-narratives to the current system through dreaming, sharing and building relationships.

Looking forward to seeing you!

- We are on second floor of Folkets Hus
- It is 3 hours of workshop and a simple dinner (donation based) afterwards
- Remember to wear comfortable clothes and bring an extra jumper or blanket.
- The workshop is in english
- The workshop is not wheelchair accesible
- There are limited spots (15 spots) so remember to sign up:


Folkets Hus
Stengade 50
2200 København N