Nada Community Healing
Friday Feb. 3 at 21:00 - 23:00

Nada Community Healing

by BumZen

come join us for two cosy friday evenings, where we stay sober together, and dream of revolution and community beyond party spaces. in prime party time, we instead meet and cosy up under a blanket, pour each other a cup of tea, close our eyes and together listen to the amazing podcast “dope is death”. it is a compilation of interviews with 1970s black panther and young lords activists in the bronx, who created, taught and practised nada. nada is a form of ear acupuncture, developed from traditional chinese medicine, as a simple and effective tool to support community members in detoxing and healing from trauma and drug addiction. along with a number of other initiatives, such as the free breakfast program for children, housing cooperiatives, free ambulances, liberation schools, shoe repair service, and over 50 other ‚survival programs’, the black panthers and the young lords worked towards building capacity for revolutionary power in their communities 🔥

after listening for about 45 minutes, two local acupuncturists from stikmig will provide free nada to everyone who wants to try. with needles in our ears, we will spend the last hour listening to calm music and releasing the tensions of the week.

we hope that these nights inspire many more thoughts and conversations about capacity building towards revolution, and what sustainable and collectivized community care can look like.

the dates are
- friday feb 3rd, 21-23 (listening to episodes 1+2)
- friday feb 10th, 21-23 (listening to episodes 3+4)

the events are for working class, poor, queer, trans, racialized and/or otherwise structurally oppressed people, who are struggling with burn out, ptsd, addiction, etc.

Upcoming dates


Baldersgade 20-22
2200 København N.