moving party with a pop!pop!
Friday March 24 at 10:00
to March 25, 2023 at 22:00

moving party with a pop!pop!


Summer rain doesn’t start slowly. It bangs, all of a sudden, all at once, and this is how we did it. We jumped into this half-basement, flooding it with books, and happenings, and people, and ideas. And now we’re moving.

We’ll have two days of goodbyes and goodbuys, brightened up by two fantastic pop-ups from Kyoto, Japan: OLGA GOOSE CANDLE and DEEP BLUE SEA, a tingly taste of being born in the chaotic 80s in Japan.

OLGA GOOSE CANDLE is a handmade candle brand by Risa. Each one is a spell candle with a magic message. Put a love and curse!

DEEP BLUE SEA has been collecting many kinds of papers, foreign magazines, art books and flyers and will be opening a new shop in Kyoto soon. There'll be some vintages movie posters, brochures from Japan and zines by Japanese artists.

Come by for pop!pop!, books and zines, tiny concerts, festive cheer, alohas and toodle-oos to the little shop on Ahornsgade.

OPEN 10-22


Ahornsgade 8A
2200 Copenhagen