Saturday June 10 at 13:00 - 15:00
Recurring every Saturday

Læse Lørdag / Saturday Readings: Grief and Mourning

by ÅFCo

This event takes place both online and at rum46.

Welcome to Læse Lørdag (Saturday Readings), a series of events spanning the first three saturdays of June, where we will read aloud, listen, and reflect on texts within the themes grief, mourning, death. These topics are usually considered to be private and individualised, but what happens when we hold space for the experiences and feelings together?

There is no need to read beforehand, because this time our regular reading group format has been shifted out with shorter intervals of reading/listening, and time set aside at the end of the event to talk and discuss. The book we will be reading aloud from is Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief, a powerful collection of essays edited by the anarchist activist and educator Cindy Milstein.

Everyone is encouraged to read aloud, the text is available at the space to pass around, and for online participants it is available on the link at the bottom.
For online participation send an email to us at


13-13.20: Welcome

13:20-14:30: Reading intervals of ~20 minutes with small breaks in between.

14:30-15: Thoughts, feelings, discussion

15-?: Event is over, but sometimes tough subjects can bring out tough feelings, so hang around for a bit if you need or want to.

rum46 a non-commercial artist sphere in the center of Aarhus, where this years theme is Døde Ting I Bevægelse (Dead Things in Motion). Through exhibitions, talks and workshops we want to explore mourning and death in a broader spectrum, with the sub themes: life, loss and memory.

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