Latin American/Danish Language and Culture cafe in Århus
Tuesday June 18 at 18:00 - 20:00

Latin American/Danish Language and Culture cafe in Århus

by Mellemamerika Komiteen

Do you want to practice Spanish or Danish?🌎

The Central America Committee have opened a language café in the heart of Copenhagen!

You’ll get the chance to meet people from different cultures, while enjoying cheap drinks and practicing your language skills. The event is for everyone, whether you’ve just started learning or speak fluently – as long as you have fun! 🍻🗣

We’ve taken the speed dating concept and turned it into a language game, so instead of looking for your soulmate, you’ll be improving your new language while making friends.

Feeling shy? Don’t worry, we’ll have prompt cards with interesting themes ready, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the ice.

We are all committed to contribute to maintaining the language- and culture-cafés a safe space where everyone is welcome; Free from all kinds of discrimination and where you can join our community to improve your language skills, meet people from different cultures and where new friendships grow ❤

The event is free of charge. So don’t hesitate to come by!✨
¡Hasta pronto!
What is MAK?
The Central America Committee or in Danish: Mellemamerika Komiteen (MAK) is an NGO-solidarity organization. We want to create an active solidarity community with the people from Central America: therefore, we actively support the struggle for social justice, self-determination, and human rights.
We prioritize collaborating directly with political and popular movements. For the past 40 years, we have worked with farmers' movements, trade unions, women's organizations, and youth organizations, all working to strengthen the social and political conditions of the poor majority.

We are largely run by groups of dedicated volunteers, who are committed to making a change in Central America who are forced to live under injustice.
Mellemamerika Komiteen (MAK) er en solidaritetsorganisation. Vores formål er at mobilisere en aktiv solidaritet med befolkningerne i Mellemamerika gennem tre hovedaktiviteter:
- Udsendelse af arbejds- og solidaritetsbrigader til Costa Rica og Guatemala
-Projektarbejde i Mellemamerika i samarbejde med lokale partnere
- Uddannelses- og informationsarbejde i Danmark
MAK støtter aktivt kampen for social retfærdighed, selvbestemmelse og menneskerettigheder. Vi prioriterer et ligeværdigt og direkte samarbejde med folkelige bevægelser i Mellemamerika.

Alle vores arrangementer som denne sprog- og kulturcafé er organiseret og drevet af vores seje frivillige i København og Århus!


Griffenfeldsgade 41
2200 København N.