Kick-off meeting Bike Workshop @Folkets Hus
Thursday March 30 at 16:00 - 18:00

Kick-off meeting Bike Workshop @Folkets Hus

We are lacking community driven bike workshops in Copenhagen. Bike workshops allow us to learn the skills needed to fix our own stuff and helps us save money.
It gives us to have a space where we can strip parts, fix bikes, build bikes and do things that are both cool and useful. It gives us a space to meet, learn and help eachother.

So we are making one!
Join for the first open meeting for the new bike workshop, that is gonna open up in the container outside of Folkets Hus.

This meeting is for everyone who want to get engaged in a practical project and help create, organize and drive the workshop.
At the meeting we will talk about the framework: how often it should be open, how we should organize it and take the next steps for opening up the workshop in a month time. And find a cool name ofc.

The possibilities are many for where this project can go! And we are looking for a handful more people who want to get long-term engaged. No specific skills or experience are needed. So meet up if you could be interested.

The meeting will take place inside of Folkets Cafe.


Folkets Hus
Stengade 50
2200 København N