'Gear up' Bike Workshop on gear systems!
Saturday Feb. 24 at 12:00 - 15:00

'Gear up' Bike Workshop on gear systems!

by Chain Reaction

Is your gears f*cked? Chain Reaction, a community bike workshop, is holding a workshop that will teach you to understand, adjust and fix your own gears!

We are inviting for a small and very practical skill-share with someone who's worked as a mechanic before on identifying, adjusting and (potentially) fixing gear systems on bicycles. Expect to be able to fix problems like gears jumping, gears not working, loose cables and missing parts, etc.

Do not expect to get an understanding of how the inside of a gear hub looks like and how the complicated systems inside them work. We have no idea, it's wizardry for all that we know.

The workshop is a feminist learning space, where all questions are valid, and we try to teach eachother how to use tools and to feel more comfortable around our bike. We are queer af, so you are welcomed however you are!

The workshop is on the 27/1. We starts at 12:00, and end around 14. We are gonna be both outside and inside. There will be tea and coffee. Its at Folkets Hus, we meet outside!

Bring your own bike if you want to, then you can understand your own gears! But it is not necessary - then we look at some of ours.

If you wish to get in contact with us, you can write us a dm on @chainreactionkbh

Chain Reaction is a community bike workshop in Nørrebro, where we try to to empower ourselves and each other. We have the space open every Saturday, and try to have workshops as often as we can.


Folkets Hus
Stengade 50
2200 København N