BumZen Political Evening School
Monday April 17 at 16:30 - 18:30

BumZen Political Evening School

by BumZen

Dear comrades! This spring, we hope to learn, teach and grow together 🌱 We hope you want to join us, in collectively sharing and building knowledge towards revolutionary autonomy and community power. From the political schooling of the Zapatistas, to the community classrooms of the Black Panthers, politicial schooling has historically been an inportant part of the leftist struggle. With the help of beloved comrades, we have prepared a spring curriculum of political evening schools at BumZen. There will be soft seats, snacks and dinner at each event.

Spring curriculum:

📚 Leftist theory 101 - BIPOC facilitated, for everyone - Mon, Feb 27th, 17-19.30

👩🏽‍🏫 Introduction to political schooling - QTBIPOC facilitated, for everyone - Sun, March 12th, 17.30-20

💰 Funding political projects - for everyone - Sun, March 19th, 17-19.30

🫱🏿‍🫲🏾 Community building and neighborhood mobilization - for and by BIPOCs - Saturday, March 25th, 16.30-18.30

🙇🏼‍♀️ Introduction to whiteness work - for white people - Monday, April 17th, 16.30-18.30

🧨 Experiences from the 2015 anti-border civil disobedience movement - QTBIPOC facilitated, for everyone - Wednesday, April 19th, 16.30-18.30

✊🏿 Black anarchism and revolutionary pan-Africanism - for and by Black people (centering queer and trans Black people) - Saturday, May 13th, 16-19

🧰 Introduction to Tekmîl: Creating a Culture of Constructive Criticism - for everyone - date TBA

Stay tuned for more info! We’re so excited to learn with and from you 🧡

Upcoming dates


Baldersgade 20-22
2200 København N.