Before Forgetting film screenings Before Forgetting film screenings
Friday Nov. 25 at 14:00
to Nov. 27, 2022 at 22:00

Before Forgetting film screenings

What are the historical images and representations which color our collective memory and populate our shared visual lexicon? From where do these images derive and in what contexts are they produced and employed? What are the artistic and political implications of recycling or rearranging these images in new contexts that enrich or subvert their original usage?

We invite you to Before Forgetting, a series of screenings and discussions held over the course of three days, where we explore the usage of archival material in the forming and deconstruction of sociopolitical narrative, with particular emphasis on narratives of political struggle, such as those of national liberation and decolonisation movements.

It will be held in the heart of the city - in Støberiet and Folket Hus - for three consecutive days (25.11 to 27.11). The programme will feature 8 films that use archival footage to reconstruct historical narratives, in order to revive and politicize certain events. As we gather together for three days, memories on the verge of vanishing will surface on the screens, followed by panel discussions with invited filmmakers, researchers and your fellow comrade from the neighbourhood.

Before Forgetting is a film collective dedicated to reviving public cinema and showing films that rarely get projected on a big screen. Last year, in Copenhagen, we held screenings on public squares, in neighbourhood alleyways and at cultural houses.

// The screenings //

Friday the 25th of November @ Støberiet -

Sudanese Film Group Shorts - 5pm
Cinema Komunisto - 8pm

Saturday the 26th of November (

Mosireen Collective: workshop and panel discussion - 1.30 pm @ Folkets Hus 1st floor (

Kings & Extras: Digging for a Palestenian Image - 5pm Independencia - 8pm

Sunday the 27th of November @ Støberiet -

Videograms of a Revolution; followed by Q&A with the director - 2pm
Spell Reel - 5pm
Mapping Lessons; followed by Q&A with the director - 8pm

All film screenings and events are for free.

If you have questions beforehand you can reach out to us via:


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Blågårdsplads 5
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