Bedside Open Air Daytime Party : Alternative Pride
Friday Aug. 9 at 16:00 - 22:00

Bedside Open Air Daytime Party : Alternative Pride

by Bedside Productions

Come set the tone for one week of h0t and sweaty pride as Bedside Productions kicks off Alternative Pride at Onkel Danny’s Plads with a s3xy and cute open air daytime party featuring Bedside’s own DJ residents who will set the vibe for a dripping afternoon floor in the sun.

But first things first, because what better way to start a week of flirty festivities than by asking: How do we make pride s3xy and safe? Bedtime Magazine’s Polina Bachlakova will be hosting a talk asking Daniel DeLove (Awareness, Den Anden Side), Lærke Sindholt (Bedside), Adam Gilbert (KFP Awareness and Den Anden Side) and Kristian Møller (researcher) how to ‘score med stil’.

We have also invited two of our favourite queer writers – Elias Sadaq and Lin Melkane – to read for us, and during the party you can also get down and d1rty at our flogging workshop.

We encourage you to dress up k1nky and bring the vibes!!

16.00-16.30: DJ Algorythm
16.30-17.30: Talk: Scor med stil – making pride s3xy and safe
17.30-18.00: Digtoplæsninger: Lin Melkane + Elias Sadaq
18.00-19.00: DJ Algorythm
19.00-20.15: Vixen b2b Mette Munk
20.15-21.30: Schacke b2b Britney Speed

Talk: Scor med stil: Making pride s3xy and safe
Got your eye on a cute baby queer? Having the hots for a bear bearing hot pants? Feeling flirty for that flinta on the floor? It’s hard not to get a hard on during a long week of sweaty pride summer nights, but how to nail that first move without killing the vibe? How to approach that honey with respect and style?
Bedtime Magazine’s Polina Bachlakova asks our panelists what we can learn from s3x-positive parties about how to — respectfully — get laid, why there’s a need for FLINTA only spaces, how we can address the challenges with boundary-crossing behaviors in our community, and more. And if we’re lucky, we may also get their pro tip on how to ‘score med stil’.


Daniel DeLove (he/she), Den Anden Side’s awareness team
Adam Gilbert Jespersen (he/him), KFP Awareness and Den Anden Side’s awareness team
Lærke Sindholdt (she/they), Bedside party organizer and initiator of Bedside’s FLINTA room
Kristian Møller (he/him), researcher of gay intimacy culture and queer nightlife

Elias Sadaq (he/him) – @eliassadaq
Elias Sadaq is a young queer poet and playwright. He studies Playwriting at The Danish National School of Performing Arts, and in 2023 he wrote and instructed the dystopian play ‘The Foreign Legion’ about war, s3x and masculinity. In 2024, he published the book DJINN, a collection of poems for Gyldendal about obsession and lust – four of which have been translated to English by Mette Munk for the upcoming issue of Bedtime Magazine.

Lin Melkane (all pronouns) – @linmelkane
Lin Melkane is the author behind “Velkommen til og undskyld”, published by Nightcore, a book about love, anxiety and w3ed. Lin has an upcoming show at Blaagaard Teater in 2025 about mental illness and how to make a safe space in the theater world. Lin will do a reading from their current work “Hjertet er Stædigt” about the liberating experience of finally feeling a sense of belonging through polyamorous relations and gender fluidness, clubbing/raving and s3xual experimentation.

DJ Algorythm (she/her) –
For the early hours, Bedside resident DJ Algorythm will be warming us up with a sensual blend of hot and playful summer tunes.

Vixen B2B Mette Munk (she/her, she/her) –
Second up we have bbs Vixen and Mette Munk teaming up and bringing us into faster bouncier territory.

Schacke B2B Britney Speed (they/them, she/her) –
For the last set we have two notorious baddies teaming up for the first time, anything can happen and only one thing is sure, it will get messy!

What is Bedside?
The queer p0rn0 collective Bedside Productions has since 2017 been spreading s3x positivity through expl1cit films, on print in Bedtime Magazine and at parties in Copenhagen with their activistic approach, creating non-conforming content from an ethical perspective.
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🦋 Alternative Pride
Alternative Pride at Onkel Dannys Plads offers a week full of events in the spirit of diversity. The program is created in collaboration with local and Scandinavian cultural partners and artists, who create an inclusive and safe space without discrimination through art and culture. Everyone is welcome and admission is free. Come and join us in celebrating and supporting queer art and culture in the heart of Vesterbro! Alternative Pride is supported by Vesterbro Lokaludvalg.…


Onkel Dannys Plads
Onkel Dannys Plads
1700 København V