All Crafts Are Beautiful
Thursday Oct. 12 at 18:00 - 21:00
Recurring Thursday, odd weeks

All Crafts Are Beautiful

All Crafts Are Beautiful, is Ungdomshusets new open creative space, that will be open every other Thursday (Odd weeks). The hosts are well equipped to help with you with fiber arts and paints, but you are also welcome to do something completely different. The point is just to hang out, have a good time and make cool shit.

(There are also thoughts on wanting to skillshare and teach ourselves and each to fix things, because DIY is cool 😎)
Feel free to bring your own projects, but there are also plenty of supplies at the youth house, including 2 sewing machines.
We will be in Krea, which is located in the big building 2nd floor.

Everyone is welcome, as long as you can follow these rules:
- No queerphobia
- No racism
- No sexism
- No violence
- No hard drugs
- No ableism

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Dortheavej 61
2400 København NV.