Activist sailing - Redistribution is key
Sunday Aug. 11 at 16:00
to Aug. 22, 2024 at 14:00

Activist sailing - Redistribution is key

by A mix of Danish, Swedish and German activist groups

Climate crisis, energy transition, scarcity of resources, rent madness...
With all this, the question always arises: Who profits? Who has? Who gives?
Many things are so difficult to change because they are based on questions of redistribution. All these crises are part of a crisis of how we treat each other, how we do business, how we distribute our scarce resources. The richest 10% of the population cause 50% of global greenhouse gas emissions. You can hardly say climate protection without thinking about fairer distribution, because it could be so simple: Public prosperity for all instead of private luxury for a few.

This is what moves us and we would like to exchange ideas with you, network, plan about actions and sharpen our claims. Public prosperity and redistribution need more lobbying, we do it. A 12-day sailing trip on the German ship Lovis ( on 11-22 August on the Danish and Swedish coasts will provide a space for this for ca 30 people. It's up to everyone who participates to decide how much we will discuss the topic or whether we will start directly with an action trip.
Interested? Then get in touch with us!
Sailing skills are not required, just an interest in the topic, people and sailing.

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