Activism for Just Food Systems (en)
Sunday Sept. 24 at 14:00 - 16:00

Activism for Just Food Systems (en)

by Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke Aarhus

Join a cosy afternoon doing artistic and craft activities as a closing of the Climate Justice Days.
* Make Seed Bombs to spread biodiversity around the city:
For many guerilla gardeners, especially those in urban areas, seed bombs have become the weapon of choice to quickly and covertly plant their gardens. A throwable ball of seeds, compost, and clay, seed bombs are ideal for hard-to-reach places or those where you can’t linger long enough to plant with a shovel.
* Collage - Culture Jamming
Culture jamming (sometimes also guerrilla communication) is a form of protest used by many anti-consumerist social movements to disrupt or subvert media culture and its mainstream cultural institutions, including corporate advertising. It attempts to "expose the methods of domination" of mass society.
We will use comic books and magazines, hijacking them to put new messages into the pictures and stories.
* Collaborative Exhibition
Draw, write poetry, make collages and express your views, stories and opinions on the current food systems and the necessary alternatives.
The event starts at 2pm and last until 4pm.
It is a family friendly drop-in workshop.
This event is organized by Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke's Food Justice group:

The food we buy at supermarkets contains harmful ingredients: Human rights violations & environmental destruction.
It comes to us through supply chains that exploits workers and is one of the main causes of climate change. But we are hungry for justice!


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8000 Aarhus