Action Camp: Disarm Rheinmetall - Sink the War Industry! Action Camp: Disarm Rheinmetall - Sink the War Industry!
Tuesday Sept. 3 at 06:00
to Sept. 8, 2024 at 18:00

Action Camp: Disarm Rheinmetall - Sink the War Industry!

by Disarm Rheinmetall

Disarm Rheinmetall - sink the war industry!

Distance from Copenhagen
Car: 4,5 hours.
Flixbus: 5 hours.
Public transport: 6 hours.

Resistance against the new normal of rearmament, thousands of deaths, flight and displacement is the order of the day. We will gather together with many hundreds of activists from Tuesday, September 3rd to Sunday, September 8th for an action camp in Kiel - one of the arms and military hotspots in Germany. There we will discuss strategies for our common struggle with international friends and comrades and carry out direct actions against the military and the arms industry.

- War regime, exploitation and oppression
Our world is threatened with sinking into war and Germany is part of this globally escalating war regime. War technology and weapons produced in Kiel spread unspeakable suffering. The mass murder on the war fronts in Ukraine, the tens of thousands of deaths and displacement in Gaza, the suffering in Kurdistan are just a few examples of the consequences of the global rearmament of the capitalist patriarchal system. And even where no "hot" war is being fought, everything is obviously being done to bring it about, through unprecedented militarization, flanked by growing nationalism and the profit interests of huge corporations.
This dynamic is also very clear in Germany: the traffic light government's 100 billion euro arms package is being financed through social cuts; protests against war are being answered with the arming of the police and restrictions on freedom of assembly.
Although sexualized violence is also part of the non-warlike normal state of capitalist societies, it is particularly clear in war zones how sexualized violence against women and other oppressed genders is used as a weapon and becomes a cruel part of everyday life. The subjugation of women is seen as a symbol of victory over the enemy. We condemn this patriarchal violence and at the same time its hypocritical instrumentalization by the Western states.

- Change the world together
We will fight together with various groups and movements for a just, ecological and feminist world, network internationally and specifically disrupt the war industry. We, the antimilitarist alliance "Disarm Rheinmetall", will build on struggles here and around the world. We stand on the side of all the oppressed and want to overcome the division between societies, genders, religions and regions. Only together can we create a different world.

- War starts here - let's stop it here
Kiel is the right place for our project: only in a few areas in Germany can you find so many Bundeswehr, Navy and arms industry sites. At the same time, Kiel is a place of resistance, with an impressive revolutionary history such as the sailors' revolt of 1918. And even today there are numerous resistance movements and allies on site.

Let's create a camp together against war, rearmament and isolation! For solidarity and a common practice of resistance against the global war regime. See you in Kiel from September 3rd to 8th.


Kiel (Northern Germany)

Kiel, Germany