Kafa-X Dinner
Tuesday Jan. 31 at 15:00 - 20:00
Recurring every Tuesday

Kafa-X Dinner

Kafa-x is a food club made up of volunteers where you can partake in a vegan (sometimes vegetarian) buffet every Tuesday at 6:00pm. We have room for 60 people.

We suggest a donation of 30 kr and you have to wash up your plate and cutlery afterwards. If you would like to eat for free, why don't you come early and help us prep/cook or stay to clean? We normally start a little after 3pm and finish cleaning around 9.30pm. See you there!

Come and join us for a lovely evening <3

If you have time, please join earlier for chopping and cooking and cleaning. You can join us any time between 15 and 18. We will highly appreciate it :-)

We have room for more guests and more volunteers. Invite your friends to join.

If you have some extra containers we will love to have them.

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Korsgade 19
2200 Copenhagen