20 min introduction to making your own tempeh (plant-based meat substitute)
Monday April 8 at 19:00 - 22:00

20 min introduction to making your own tempeh (plant-based meat substitute)

The lodis hackerspace welcomes the first contribution to the "Potluck Presentations" (info below) with this 20 minute presentation on how to make your own tempeh!

----- event entry instructions -----

* It's at Lodgatan 3B, Malmö, Sweden - enter through the big red doors with "3b" in black
* Doors open 19:00, Monday 8 April
* Presentation starts 19:30
* Once outside, ring the bell to get in: https://bell.lodis.se/
* Read about our values and social rules (sorry, these are in swedish) https://lodis.se/values.html

We'll try to put up a hacky poster or two outside with instructions on how to contact the people inside the space, but until then here are 2 photos of where you need to go!


If you can't get inside *and* you can't get in touch with people:
* email lodis.3b@gmail.com
* walk around the right side of the building and knock on the windows of the space that seems like it has people in it!

----- end event entry instructions -----

We will get to know what tempeh is, how it is traditionally made, and you will be let in on how a couple of people make it at the hackerspace! Suggestions on how to prepare tempeh will be shared. To finish off the presentation, everyone present will be able to try a piece of fried tempeh that's been made in-house!

Date: Monday, 2024-04-08
Price: free / donation to the space

Time plan:

19:00: Doors Open
19:30: Presentation Starts
19:50: Discussion until we tire of it (22:00 latest, when the general Monday Hangout ends)

Part of the "Potluck Presentations" event series:

»The idea is simple: to spice up the weekly Monday Hangouts we will host one 20 minute presentation each week on interesting topics, with time for discussion and casually hanging out afterwards. To make the whole thing cozier we encourage you to bring food¹ and drinks to enjoy while listening to the presenter—and in potluck spirit, feel free to share them with each other!»

»We hope to have a potluck on a weekly basis, but we need your help to fill the slots! Spread the word, and if you have a topic you would like to share, please contact one of us directly or by mailing lodis.3b@gmail.com (we're working on a replacement email host :)»

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